1. What does this app do?

This web application is a simple and free tool that prepares your image format questions to test paper in PDF format without advertising watermarks.

2. How is the question uploaded?

You can upload your questions by dragging them from your computer to the designated area with dashed lines or by selecting a question. You can also upload your questions in bulk. Images to be uploaded must comply with the following rules:

  • The image you want to upload can only be in JPG, PNG or GIF format.
  • You can have a maximum of 200 questions in a test.

You can follow the progress from the bottom right corner while the questions are uploading, you can edit while the questions are uploading. If you take care to cut without much space on the edges of the questions, you will get a more regular test paper. You also need to remove the question number when you cut the question because the application automatically adds the question number. If you have ready cut questions, you can upload them directly or you can cut the question using the "Crop Tool". Sample question is as follows:

Sample Question

3. What is the Crop Tool?

The crop tool is a tool developed for you to easily cut questions. PDF and image files (JPG, PNG, and GIF) are supported file types for cropping.

Open the crop tool from the top menu and upload your PDF or image files to cut into question. Excess white spaces on the edges of the questions are automatically cleaned by the crop tool so that you can obtain a more uniform test paper. You can use the button in the upper left corner to turn off this feature or to access other settings related to the crop tool. If you want to make image edits to the question (such as deleting a question number), use the "Edit" button above the selected question. It is also possible to mark the correct answer to the questions optionally during the cropping process. After finishing the cropping of all questions, you can see your questions loaded on the main screen when you click the "Upload" button. You can use your browser's full screen mode (F11 key) to work in a wider area. You can close the crop tool with the button in the upper right corner. When you close the crop tool with this button, the files uploaded for question cropping are not completely lost. You can continue the question crop from where you left off by opening the crop tool from the top menu again.

It is possible to change the image quality of PDF files uploaded to the crop tool. You can change the default resolution in the settings menu. When a resolution change is made, cropped questions are not affected by this change. Questions maintain the current image quality. The change will have an impact on the new cropped questions. Resolution cannot be changed in image files.

4. How can I edit the my uploaded questions?

You can change the order of the questions by dragging them with the mouse. PDF is generated in the order you specify. You can delete the questions you want to delete with the button in the upper right corner of each question.

button should be used to move the questions on mobile devices.

5. How do I review the questions I have uploaded on the page again?

While the questions are uploading, each question will appear as small previews but it is not high readability. You can use the button to examine the question closely. Alternatively, you can double-click the question. You can mark the correct answer for each question from the section below the question. You can click on a blank area on the page to exit the preview.

6. How are the settings of the test done?

Arrangements for the test paper are made from the left pane. There are 3 types of tests that you can prepare as "Exam", "Test Paper" and "Practice Test".

7. How to add the answer sheet?

Upload your answer sheet from the window that opens when the "Add answer sheet" box is checked.

8. How to set up a multi-version test?

You can specify multi-version for "Exam" and "Practice Test". The questions are placed according to the order you set in version A and they are randomly changed by the application in other versions. You can not use this feature for "Test Paper".

9. What is the group with other questions?

The purpose of this feature is to bind two or more questions binded to a paragraph or a common question text. Other questions to be binded should be selected in the window opened using the button on the question. A common question text (paragraph, common information, etc.) of all questions to be grouped can also be added through this window. The questions are grouped when the "OK" button is pressed. In this way, these questions are prevented from breaking with each other in B, C and D versions of the test. The grouped questions can change place among themselves in other versions.

10. How do I access advanced settings?

Advanced settings can be accessed by using the button in the settings section. Features available in advanced settings are:

  • Optionally, smart question placement can be used.
  • Watermark can be added to the paper.
  • The page design color of test paper and practice test can be changed.
  • Page sizes and orientation can be changed.
  • The number of columns can be set.
  • Page margins can be set.

11. Custom Tags

You can manipulate PDFs prepared using custom tags. In order for the relevant tag to work, it is sufficient to add it to the "Test Name" field. For example, if the page numbers of a practice exam whose name is MATHEMATICS are to be removed, it should be written as MATHEMATICS[NO_PAGENUMBER]. The tags you can use in the app are:

  • [NO_PAGENUMBER] Removes page numbers of test papers and practice tests.
  • [NO_DESCRIPTION] Removes the description gap for test papers and practice tests.
  • [NO_UPPERCASE] Cancels automatic uppercase for test papers and practice tests.
  • [CENTER_DESCRIPTION] Centers the text of the test papers and practice tests.
  • [HIDE_VERSION] Hides the version. In addition, it automatically marks the current version on the answer sheet and hides the marking area for other versions.
  • [NEGATIVE_WATERMARK_ANGLE] Sets the rotation angle of the text watermark to be negative.

12. What is the smart question placement?

This feature is an algorithm that provides more efficient utilization of the spaces on the pages when placing the questions. Application places the questions in a two-column test. Depending on the height of the question while placing any question, if the space in the column is insufficient, it will move to another column. However, there may be gap under the columns. Smart question placement changes the order of questions you set and produces a more efficient combination. In this way, it is possible that the application will create the same test with fewer pages.

13. How are the answer keys of the prepared test generated?

If an answer is specified for at least 1 question, a separate answer key is generated as a PDF. If more than one version is produced, the answer key of all versions is found in this document. In addition, this document contains question matches for all versions.

14. I have completed all settings. How can I generate the test?

When all the settings are done, you can get the PDF of the questions by clicking the "Prepare" button. If you have modified the test paper you generated, you can use this button again. You can also download your answer key document and other versions in a compressed format using the "Download all" link. You can also send a copy of the document you prepared as an email.

15. How do I save my work?

In order not to lose your work or to continue later, you can download your draft work with the extension "db" to your device by using the button in the lower right corner. To restore your draft work, you can select the file with the "db" extension with "Choose a question" or drag it to the question area.

16. Usage Tips

  • You can also use this tool on mobile devices, but the best user experience is achieved with the PC.
  • You can select all questions and upload them in one move. Alternatively, it is possible to collect all your questions in a single folder and upload them by drag and drop this folder. However, in order to use this feature, there should not be any files or subfolders in different formats except the question. In addition, all of your questions must be in a single folder.
  • When the "Leave a distance between questions" box is not checked, the default space value between each question is 10 millimeters. In the window opened using this feature, the minimum value that can be created with the "Set another value" option is 5 millimeters.
  • On devices with a touch screen, the scrollbar may not be available during the question cutting process in the crop tool. A button has been placed at the bottom left of the crop tool to switch between question crop and screen scrolling operations. means a question crop mode. means screen scrolling mode.
  • PDF and image files can be uploaded in this area by opening the crop tool from the top menu. However, the crop tool can be run by uploading PDF files directly from the homepage.
  • In the crop tool, PDF files are scanned at an ideal resolution to make them ready for question cropping. Increasing the resolution too high in settings may cause your browser to slow down.
  • PC users can use the mouse wheel to change the font size or eraser size while editing the question in the crop tool.

17. Contact

You can contact us using the "Send Feedback" page. Please let us know your app suggestions, complaints or bugs you have detected in the app via this page. We will try to fix the reported errors in the next update.